What is the one thing that excites, ignites and inspires your passion?

Marya Flurnoy

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Marya Flurnoy - M.S.I.G.

Artist - Speaker - Author - Interior Designer

Business Development

Personal Processesologist and Coach

Where Heart Meets Art

Where Heart Meets Art 

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4 Playshop Videos - Experience what Ignites your Heart Space

E-book with Tools for Transformation 

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How to Celebrate Your Empowerment

Infinite Potential

Intention + Plan + Systems + Belief Structure + No Box

= Success

In the NOW

Generate Excitement For Business

Knowing your Plan

Utilizing Quantum Scripting

Creates Synchronicity


SMART = Success Manifests as Realized Thinking 

Consulting and Processes that assist in placing yourself where you want to be

Giving - Being - Seeing - Knowing - Believing

For your first Abundance Consult:

Mentorship to Support You in Embracing Your Passion

You already have it in you! NOW is the time to allow it to unfold.

Live Life in Song

Live Life as if it were sung to you. The frequency of music and song uplifts every cell of your being.

Be Inspired by Everything

I find inspiration all around me. I make My Art, My Dance, and My Words alive for myself and my generation. I love the places that most people don't give a second glance.

Just Be It Now!