What is the one thing that excites, ignites and inspires your passion?

Marya Flurnoy

Your Authentic Empowered Self is waiting to emerge!


Shifting into New Habits


As we create habits that benefit us and have a change of attitude, life seems to be easier and more balanced.  Decide to shift one habit

a week using the attitude of joy, happiness, peace or love.  Amazingly worlds shift. I would say you have a "New Habit-tude." And that is a good thing.

Realizing the BRILLIANCE


How do we realize the brilliance within?  Start with easy and Simple realizations. Take time to admire and praise your hands. What do they feel like? How do I use them? If you tell yourself you will be in admiration and praise for 5 minutes at a time, you will automatically be in the habit of realizing your brilliance.

Saying NO is saying yes to you.


It can sometimes feel like we are drowning with commitments. Kids, school, teachers, work, career, relationships along with hobbies and day to day tasks are all important. When I feel like they are all tugging for my attention, and it seems difficult to say no, I remind myself that I am saying yes to me. No guilt or sense of letting anyone down.

Inner Peace

Talking about Inner Peace

We aspire to have peace in all we do. The calm sense of feeling safe, secure and balanced. Instead of pushing against stress, frustration, and the appearance that something is lacking; we can choose to be the peace that we want to feel.

Peace Visualization

Practicing Peace is a daily option. This guided visualization supports the knowing-ness of feeling peace. Filling your space, your community and the universe with the iridescent pink light of peace.  As we feel the sensation of peace- we become the peace.