What is the one thing that excites, ignites and inspires your passion?

Marya Flurnoy

Artist - Speaker - Author - Interior Designer - Business Developer - Coach


Marya Flurnoy M. S. I. G. 

Marya’s life changing journey started in 1989 when she started applying the teachings of Unity, New Thought and Christian Science to every aspect of her personal and business world. As an Interior Designer and owner of Creative Design Team, she has worked with clients on a worldwide basis using intuitive insight while co-creating residential and business spaces. Her success has spearheaded JBI (Just Be It) – a Business Development Consulting Firm. She has developed empowerment techniques to assist clients in achieving Individual Infinite Potential within home and heart. 

Marya's ministerial background started at Center for Conscious Living with Rev. Pat Palmer and later ordained with Rev. Pat King. 

Now a Minister at First Unity Spiritual Campus in St. Petersburg, Marya's passion is for every individual to feel and know self-love and to be the empowered one in their own life. By knowing this truth, and the infinite possibilities, life is a gift to be experienced and expressed. As a consultant, Marya applies her training in EFT, Theta Healing, Processing and Energy Healing—to support and allow for self-empowerment.

She directs L.o.l.l.i.p.o.p. – (Lessons on Living Life in Pursuit of Purpose) which is a fun, imaginative play-shop that assists in boasting a person’s self-worth, amplifies confidence, and allows one to step into their best self. Along with her husband Ron, she also teaches the SMART Start Empowerment Series (Success Manifests as Realized Thinking).

As an artist, Marya paints using mixed media, oils, acrylics and watercolors. 

“Creating for me is the highest form of feeling connected to Spirit and allowing the energy to flow. Being open to receive the message in the gift, I encourage all to play with creating.” – Marya

Self-Published Books:

The Forest Has Eyes (1996) - A self-journey into the forest, about finding your soul

Enhance the Space with Nature (2018) - A photo journal of nature and how it connects to Interior Design, includes design projects completed from Creative Design Team (2015-2018)

Living her passion, realizing the beauty, love, joy and genius within all, Marya is available to inspire through art, books, workshops and speaking.

For Affirmative Prayer Treatment and more information, contact:

Marya@MaryaFlurnoy.com     727-510-8699


What Inspires and Ignites my Heart

I am absolutely in love with my husband Ron. With over 28 years of marriage and working together, 

I have found my dearest friend and most gentle man in my world.

My babies Max and Gracie - How much fun I have loving on them

My family, friends and Very Empowered Women - They taught me to Smile  

Nature sunsets, trees, parks, and more parks - I feel the bigger Picture and see how small I really am

The Element of Surprise - Life is always fun

Expressing and Teaching - Because that is what students do

Dance and Movement - I am totally present

Appreciating the Arts, Creating and Supporting all to share their gifts